October 3, 2023 by David Hart

Speed Kills in marketing and communications

“Speed Kills” is not just a mantra for those communicators tackling crises; it’s also the key to conquering proactive communications and brand marketing. 

Think about those unforgettable moments when brands nailed their response to world events. Remember Airbnb’s cheeky ad for 10 Downing Street, declaring it “Perfect for short stays” after the whirlwind removal of two UK Prime Ministers? Or Southwest Airlines’ epic takedown of United Airlines in 2017 “We beat the competition. Not you.”? These brands seized the moment, struck a chord, and left us nodding in admiration at their wit and creativity.

Marketing teams have been weaving their magic for years, but what if we could supercharge them with the speed and power of AI?

Imagine AI capturing major events in real-time: sports action, weather shifts, breaking news, corporate announcements – and transforming them into instant, brand-enhancing content. 

Picture this: LeBron James makes a game-winning shot as the clock ticks to zero. In that moment, a cutting-edge watch brand receives AI-generated social media content celebrating the power of precision.

Now, let’s take it up a notch. Think Formula 1 or Formula E, where multi sponsor teams need to react to big moments on the track. As the action unfolds, the content flows, all expertly curated and approved by humans before it hits the world of social media.

With AI by your side, your brand can be at the forefront of every moment, delivering timely, relevant content that leaves your audience in awe.