October 18, 2023 by David Hart

More than just a passing phase…

I have spoken to several people in the past month who have told me that they are still not convinced that AI will stand the test of time in communications.

I remember people saying the same thing about social media.

It tends to be those who are focused on the perceived threat of “will this take my job?”, rather than the opportunity of how AI can help them do their job better. As someone said to me yesterday: “AI does the work; you do the thinking”.

And it is already helping communicators in the following ways:

👉 Personalisation: AI can analyse massive amounts of data to understand user preferences, enabling highly personalised interactions. This helps communicators and businesses to build stronger relationships between individuals and organisations.

👉 Efficiency: Automation and AI-driven processes streamline communications, reducing response times and improving speed. This means quicker problem-solving, faster decision-making, and ultimately, better engagement.

👉 Data-Driven Insights: AI’s fast data analyses provides valuable insights into trends, sentiment, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach is a goldmine for communicators looking to connect to business strategy, build communities of advocates, and drive strategy forward.

👉 Global Accessibility: AI language translation services are breaking down language barriers, making it easier for people around the world to communicate, collaborate, and access information in real time.

AI-supercharged communication is here. The key is how fast businesses and communications professionals embrace it to gain a competitive edge and enrich their customer, employee and partner relationships.