About us

InferenceCloud partners with companies and organizations to supercharge communication and marketing by using AI to deliver organizational intelligence.

Using our suite of proprietary AI solutions, we help teams deliver winning engagement strategies, act fast to respond to an issue, crisis or real-time opportunity and undertake successful launches of new products and services. Going beyond just providing data and analytics, our solutions mine for ideas, gather knowledge, understand synergies, and deliver relevant, engaging content that includes video and audio assets as well as social media posts, blogs, and other promotional material.

By producing creative, active, and effective content, we enable communication and marketing teams to achieve their goals and those of their organization.


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Seall

As a communications professional, software engineer and MBA, Mark has led the digital transformation of communications & marketing functions in several global corporations including ABB, Credit Suisse and Siemens. Mark’s team at Siemens pioneered the use of AI in the communications field and he is recognized as an innovator and thought leader in this field.


Co-Founder & Chief AI Officer

Dr. Debajyoti “Deb” Ray

Deb previously founded and built the core engine for TV and video advertising platform VideoAmp, now a Unicorn, and created the generative AI for the world’s first AI-written movies produced at RivetAI. A Caltech PhD in AI, Deb has been awarded a dozen patents for his work, including in generative AI, and his scientific publications have been cited over 3000 times. He invests in deep-tech startups as a Principal at Coactive Science, and fund advisor and LP at Signalfire and Responsibly VC. He has an Erdos-Bacon number: 3


Head of Product Management

Kimberly Goughnour

Kim has worked in SaaS for over a decade, with experience across advertising, telecom, and utility industries. In her time at Comcast, Kim led global projects building toward digital transformation for TV advertising. A background in client success and technical consulting helps Kim to keep the customer’s point of view top-of-mind to build products they will love.


Lead AI Engineer

Sadaf Amouzegar

Sadaf pioneered methods to collect data at massive scale and AI techniques for data fusion to derive insights from multiple, diverse datasets to drive advanced AI content creation for InferenceCloud. A Caltech CS alumnus, Sadaf’s expertise spans across rocket engine anomaly detection at SpaceX, computer vision advancements at Qualcomm, supply chain optimization at Stylewhere (later acquired by Smartrac), and pioneering ML solutions for Hollywood at RivetAI.


Head of Customer Happiness

Matthew Caine

For the last 15 years Matthew has guided organisations and people through transformation and change resulting in the creation of more meaningful workplaces. Originally a geeky software guy having studied computer science at university, he is now a thought-leader in organisational transformation within the functions of Communications, Software and Human Resources across various sectors such as finance, industry, insurance and software.


SVP, Partnerships

Grant le Riche

Grant is a seasoned technology executive with an extensive track record of driving growth and operational excellence for many Fortune 1000 brands. Grant leads our global partner strategy, and works alongside organizations to implement strategy and process to supercharge operational capabilities leveraging AI.

Grant also serves as an advisor at Eighty Twenty, and prior to that, founded TubeMogul Canada; playing an integral role in the IPO (NASDAQ) and later acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc.